Tips from Students for Students Preparing for the SAT

When looking for reasonable SAT advice, the best place to get it is from other students who have taken the tests. After searching the Internet for what students who have taken the SAT have to say to those who haven’t taken it yet, some of that information has been compiled here.

preparing for the SAT

By learning from the experiences of others, you can apply what you learn to your own situation. While there are many SAT prep and test taking tips out there, the strategy built by someone else may not be the strategy that works for you. The key is getting started with your SAT prep as soon as possible so you can identify what works for you.

What Other Students Have to Say

Here is what students who have taken the SAT have to say to those who haven’t:

Get in the habit of reading everything you can get your hands on. Chances are some of the words you read will be on the SAT. Experience is something that pays off on this exam. You also want to memorize typical SAT words, which are easy to locate.

Take practice exams again and again. You might get tired of them, but exercise a different strategy every time to see which works best for you. Practice tests with diagnostics are ideal because you can isolate the areas where you need to study more.

Some students have linked key ideas that they want to remember with objects in the rooms of their houses. During the test, the student can move around the room mentally and in an orderly fashion in order to generate ideas that would not be remembered otherwise.

Practice writing often. If you have an idea, write it down. If you have a story idea, go ahead and write it. The more you write the better and faster you are going to be at it. In the writing portion of the SAT, you have to be able to make your argument and justify it. Practice is going to help you write down your ideas in a way that others can understand what you are saying.

Keep in mind that some vocabulary words have multiple meanings. You will have to look at the sentence as a whole to determine the right meaning.

Practice math and, if there are any weak areas, don’t hesitate to get a tutor or ask your teacher if you are having difficulty grasping a concept. Asking questions can be one of the best things you do for yourself.

You may find when completing your practice tests that you develop your own strategies. You do not have to do what everyone else does. And if what you do seems a little weird, that’s okay as long as it gets positive results.

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