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5 SAT Study Strategies to Push You Toward That 2400

The student who diligently prepares for the SAT is the student who dreams of getting that perfect 2400. There are a few students that have achieved that feat, but they did and they did it by studying hard and utilizing strategies that worked.

sat study strategies

Although a great deal of knowledge is acquired from studying hard, a strategic approach to every second of the SAT can pay off a great deal. It is the student of every college-bound student to get the best score possible so they can go to the college that they want to go to.

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4 Skills Needed to Improve Your SAT Writing Score

To succeed on the SAT, you study until it hurts. You memorize as many vocabulary words as possible, you wear out study guides, and you find as many online resources as you can. You do all of this because you want the desired score and you will do what you can to get it.

sat writing scoreIn order to achieve a high score, you need to possess certain skills. These skills will enable you to use the reasoning that each section requires. In the reading section, you have to know the meaning of words in order to understand the text. Although you have worn out the study guides, the reading section is different. You have to comprehend complex writings and then answer questions about them. You may be an avid reader, which will help, but there are specific skills that must be developed so you can succeed.

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Affordability and SAT Prep

Affordable SAT Prep
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If you’re a parent to a teenager who has the SAT on the horizon, you might not yet know what you’re in for. You see, preparing for the sat is expensive. Really expensive. In fact, many private tutors are now charging upwards of $200 an hour for one-on-one test prep. Many parents pay a couple of grand on in-person SAT prep classes. The costs are out of control and many parents feel like an affordable SAT prep solution doesn’t exist.

But we’re here to tell you that it does. And with a little research and time commitment, you can secure a 100% legitimate prep option that doesn’t wipe out your savings.

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