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4 Smart Ways to Prepare for the SAT

Smart SAT tipsIn order to succeed on the SAT, you have to prepare for it. Virtually no one can go into the test and expect to get an acceptable score without some kind of preparation. In fact, it has been shown that students that prepare months ahead of time are those that receive the highest scores. It is just a matter of knowing where to start.

If you are not sure what your first step should be toward preparing for the SAT, you can talk to your guidance counselor or you can turn to the Internet for answers.

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Develop These Strong Study Skills to Succeed on the SAT

To successfully study for the SAT, you have to have strong study skills. For some, this comes naturally. For others, a little practice is needed to develop the study skills they need to succeed. Then there is that percentage of individuals who possess a certain strong set of study skills, but they need to work on development in other places. By knowing what constitutes strong study skills and developing those skills, you can get the score you need to get on the SAT.

study skills

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6 Steps to Developing a Solid SAT Study Plan

A study plan is a very personal thing because every person learns and studies differently. In order to succeed on the SAT, you will need to devise a plan. This plan will detail everything from what you need to study the hardest to how you manage your time. When you follow your plan the way you intend, you can bring yourself closer to a high SAT score.

sat study plan

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10 Tips to Battling SAT Test Anxiety

There is no doubt that when facing a big test like the SAT that you are going to feel a bit of anxiety. While a little is natural, a lot can be detrimental to your score. The good news is that if you get a score you are not happy with, you can retake the test. At the same time, you would much rather get a good score the first time around so you don’t have to sit through it again.

sat test anxiety

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How to Solve Those Impossible SAT Math Problems

There are some math problems on the SAT that seem impossible. The good news is that they just seem that way. As you move through the math section, the problems become more complex. By the time you reach the end, you are facing the toughest questions. Many students are unable to tackle these questions because they have run out of time by the time they get there. Fortunately, you don’t lose points when a question isn’t answered. However, answering it correctly is going to gain points and you want as many points as possible.

sat math problems

Before diving into the math section, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. The first is that the traditional high school math formula is not going to help you. The second is that you have to engage in outside-of-the-box thinking and be a problem solver. The third is that you have to find a convenient method or hidden pattern in order to simplify a problem.

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SAT Tips to Help You Concentrate on Test Day

There will be a number of distractions on test day. You’re going to have the sneezer, the cougher, the sniffling student who wipes their nose on their sleeve, the loud breather, the teeth grinder, the grunter, and the lip smacker. All of these noises together can be very distracting.

sat concentration

In fact, the background noise is something that has topped the list of SAT woes for quite some time. In fact, one test prep company did a study on what students complain about the most and runny noses, coughing, and other noises that other test takers make got a lot of groans among students. This has resulted in students having to add one more thing to their test prep routine and that is working toward tuning out the distractions.

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The Basic Principles of the SAT Reading Test

Reading comprehension is important any time you read something, but how you perform on the reading section of the SAT is going to play a part in determining your future. Your overall SAT score is going to help you with getting into the college you want to study at.

sat reading test

To give you a better idea of how the reading section of the test goes, it is good to review the sections. The first section consists of 8 sentence completions with 16 questions associated with them. This section must be completed in 25 minutes. The second section also takes 25 minutes and consists of 19 reading questions spread out among 5 sentence completions. The third section lasts 20 minutes and there are 13 reading questions spread out among 6 sentence completions. There may be some variations from test-to-test, but this is the basic layout. The passages are mostly non-fiction and cover a wide range of topics. Most passages express a point of view in a discussion, so there is no need for interpretation. Instead, the main job is to follow the author’s explanation or argument and then answer the questions based on the implications or content of the passage.

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Breaking These 5 Rules Can Raise Your SAT Scores

If you’re a rule breaker who took the SAT and you are not satisfied with your SAT score, then sit back and relax because you can retake it. Yes, considering retaking the test can seem like a daunting thought since the first time around took hours. The good news is that you now know how the test process works and you have an idea of what to expect from the SAT.

raise your SAT score

As far as breaking the rules, you have probably heard teachers and others tell you that you need to read the directions and answer all of the questions on a test. It is important to understand that the SAT is not just any test. In fact, it is a rule breaker itself and it forces those who earn the highest scores to break the rules right along with it.

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Understanding the SAT Before Test Day

There is a man who has taken the SAT 25 times over the past year. The reason? He looks for trends, analyzes questions, reverse engineers the problems, and simply tries to find out what makes the SAT tick.

understanding the SAT
Okay, so he’s probably not studying for the SAT…

For most, taking the test that many times would be a nightmare. For this gentleman, it is his job because he does research and development for test prep. He admits he was not always the best student in regards to organization and long-term planning, but now this is what he encourages students to do because that is exactly what is needed to ace the SAT. Now this man’s career rests in teaching students how they can beat the test.

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SAT Math Tip: Practice the Most-Tested Concepts

You may not be a math genius (or maybe you are), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your SAT math score by spending a great deal of your study time on the concepts that are tested the most. One thing you can count on is that the SAT isn’t like the ACT in that you don’t have to worry about trigonometry. That is a bonus for a majority of students. What you do have to know is some basic algebra and geometry.

sat math tip

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