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Strange SAT Tips That are Actually Very Smart

When preparing for the SAT, you are most likely inundated with tips and tricks that guarantee you a better score. While the tips and tricks have worked for some, they may not work for everyone. However, they are considered tips for a reason. That is why there are some that seem rather bizarre, yet they are considered very smart when evaluated.

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The Basic Principles of the SAT Reading Test

Reading comprehension is important any time you read something, but how you perform on the reading section of the SAT is going to play a part in determining your future. Your overall SAT score is going to help you with getting into the college you want to study at.

sat reading test

To give you a better idea of how the reading section of the test goes, it is good to review the sections. The first section consists of 8 sentence completions with 16 questions associated with them. This section must be completed in 25 minutes. The second section also takes 25 minutes and consists of 19 reading questions spread out among 5 sentence completions. The third section lasts 20 minutes and there are 13 reading questions spread out among 6 sentence completions. There may be some variations from test-to-test, but this is the basic layout. The passages are mostly non-fiction and cover a wide range of topics. Most passages express a point of view in a discussion, so there is no need for interpretation. Instead, the main job is to follow the author’s explanation or argument and then answer the questions based on the implications or content of the passage.

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5 SAT Study Strategies to Push You Toward That 2400

The student who diligently prepares for the SAT is the student who dreams of getting that perfect 2400. There are a few students that have achieved that feat, but they did and they did it by studying hard and utilizing strategies that worked.

sat study strategies

Although a great deal of knowledge is acquired from studying hard, a strategic approach to every second of the SAT can pay off a great deal. It is the student of every college-bound student to get the best score possible so they can go to the college that they want to go to.

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Using Self-Awareness to Succeed on the SAT

Some of the most successful SAT takers say that self-awareness contributed to their success on what is considered one of the most difficult tests a young person can take. The SAT is not just about answering questions; it is about using strategy and common sense. When using self-awareness techniques, you can identify habits that don’t work, as well as those that do so you can get the highest possible score on the test.

Succeed on the SAT

With that said, it is through practice that you will learn what your habits are. You will learn about your tendencies, what it takes to grasp vocabulary words, and why you make certain mistakes. It makes sense to practice to the point you don’t make avoidable mistakes, but identifying why you make them will make your avoidance much more successful.

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4 Skills Needed to Improve Your SAT Writing Score

To succeed on the SAT, you study until it hurts. You memorize as many vocabulary words as possible, you wear out study guides, and you find as many online resources as you can. You do all of this because you want the desired score and you will do what you can to get it.

sat writing scoreIn order to achieve a high score, you need to possess certain skills. These skills will enable you to use the reasoning that each section requires. In the reading section, you have to know the meaning of words in order to understand the text. Although you have worn out the study guides, the reading section is different. You have to comprehend complex writings and then answer questions about them. You may be an avid reader, which will help, but there are specific skills that must be developed so you can succeed.

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SAT Vocabulary Words to Remember

The vocabulary portion of the SAT’s reading section is only a small part of the test, but it seems to be one that receives a lot of attention. The reason for this attention is because there is no middle ground on vocabulary words – you either know them or you don’t. It is because of this fact that you have most likely been going over hundreds of vocab words every night for quite some time, but there will be that stray word that completely eludes you.

sat vocabulary words
The Somnambulist by Millais

It is important to know that the word most likely to escape your memory will be at the top of the list on the SAT. When a student becomes flustered at the beginning of the test section, it can influence the performance on the remainder of that section. This is why it is important to know what SAT vocabulary words trip up people the most.

Common SAT Vocab “Trip Ups”

The following are vocabulary words that tend to be hard to remember for the SAT:

  • Dogmatic – Insisting to one’s point of view, dictatorial
  • Aural – Hearing related
  • Erinaceous – Pertaining to or of the hedgehog family
  • Somnambulist – A sleepwalker
  • Acerbic – Bitter or acidic
  • Mendacity – Untruthful
  • Assiduous – Hard working
  • Abrogate – Revoke formally
  • Antipathy – Strong dislike
  • Ascetic – Self-discipline or practicing restraint
  • Buffet – To strike with force
  • Cupidity – Strong desire or greed
  • Deleterious – harmful
  • Timorous – Fearful or timid
  • Vacillate – Hesitate or fluctuate
  • Unctuous – Smooth or greasy in appearance, texture, or manner

There are some words that you may wonder why they are on the test because they are so simple. There are others that are on the test that are so difficult that you question their usage in your everyday life. It is these difficult words in which you can place your focus in order to relieve some of your test anxiety. It is also helpful to study the origins of some of the most difficult words so that you can take a healthy guess if you cannot remember the meaning.

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Types of SAT Math Problems

As you’re preparing for the SAT, it’s important to note the different types of SAT math problems you’ll be faced with on the exam. Much of what’s covered should be familiar to you from your high school math classes. However, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on areas you’re not so familiar with.

SAT math problems
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3 Things You Need to Know About the Critical Reading SAT

When preparing for the SAT, it’s important that you take a well-rounded approach. Yes, you need to do everything in your power to familiarize yourself with the material that will be on the test, but you also need to learn how to take the test. Today, we’re going to focus on the critical reading SAT section and what you can do to perform the best of your ability.

Critical Reading SAT
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What is the SAT I Test?

When approaching the subject of college admissions, it’s normal to get a bit confused. After all, there are a lot of factors to consider. You have the actual college applications you need to figure out. You need to maintain good grades. And you need to take the SAT I. If you’re asking yourself, what is the SAT I test then you’ve come to the right place.

An empty classroom--ready for the SAT I test
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