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Affordability and SAT Prep

Affordable SAT Prep
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If you’re a parent to a teenager who has the SAT on the horizon, you might not yet know what you’re in for. You see, preparing for the sat is expensive. Really expensive. In fact, many private tutors are now charging upwards of $200 an hour for one-on-one test prep. Many parents pay a couple of grand on in-person SAT prep classes. The costs are out of control and many parents feel like an affordable SAT prep solution doesn’t exist.

But we’re here to tell you that it does. And with a little research and time commitment, you can secure a 100% legitimate prep option that doesn’t wipe out your savings.

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SAT Vocabulary Words to Remember

When preparing for the SAT, you have a lot to consider. Yes, vocabulary is just one part of the puzzle, but it’s an important part. Plus, expanding your word knowledge can help you do well on other parts of the SAT and in college. So here are a few SAT vocabulary words to get you started…

sat vocabulary
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SAT Study Time: Setting Priorities

In order to succeed on the SAT, you need to set some priorities. Of course, you need to prioritize studying but we’re not speaking so generally. Rather, we’re referring to prioritizing within your SAT study time to make the most of each study session and to maximize their impact.

SAT study
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Who is the SAT College Board and Why Should I Care?

You should care about the SAT College Board, because they are responsible for writing and distributing the Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT. As you know, a good score on this test is required if you want to get into a good college. So, in an effort to begin the preparation process, we’ve put together some information on the College Board, how they got their start, and why you should care about them.

SAT College Board
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Are SAT Tutoring Companies Taking Advantage of Parents?

In a word? Yes. SAT tutoring companies bank on the fact that parents want to do the best by their children and will scrimp and save to afford the best for them. This means investing in high-priced tutoring services. However, this may not be the best use of your money.

SAT Tutoring Companies
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What is the SAT I Test?

When approaching the subject of college admissions, it’s normal to get a bit confused. After all, there are a lot of factors to consider. You have the actual college applications you need to figure out. You need to maintain good grades. And you need to take the SAT I. If you’re asking yourself, what is the SAT I test then you’ve come to the right place.

An empty classroom--ready for the SAT I test
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3 Reasons Why You Need to Take an SAT Prep Course

If you want to get into college, you need to provide a stellar application. Though that might go without saying, you need to really impress the admissions officers if you want to stand out.

You need a high GPA. You need a great essay. But you also need high points on the SAT. Many are now using an SAT prep course to get a leg up on the competition.

Why Take an SAT Prep Course?
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