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How Much Does Your SAT Score Matter?

The short answer? A lot. Of course they matter. If you want to get into the college of your choice with little to no problems, you need a good SAT score to make a good impression. Even so, scoring well on the SAT isn’t everything and there are other factors to consider when applying for college.

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College Admissions Process: Step by Step

The college admissions process can be quite elaborate. And obviously you want to do it right so your application is considered appropriately and carries its full weight. But many students attempt to go through this alone. Parents can help but the process has likely changed a bit since they were in college. Bearing this in mind, here is a bit of guidance to get you started.

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6 Ways to Make Taking the SAT Stress-Free

It’s the biggest test you’ve taken in your entire life up to this point, so it’s no wonder why the SAT is a major cause of stress for high school students between their sophomore and senior years. But instead of freaking out, following some of the below strategies ought to make taking the SAT less stress-inducing.

Taking the SAT
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