Strange SAT Tips That are Actually Very Smart

When preparing for the SAT, you are most likely inundated with tips and tricks that guarantee you a better score. While the tips and tricks have worked for some, they may not work for everyone. However, they are considered tips for a reason. That is why there are some that seem rather bizarre, yet they are considered very smart when evaluated.

sat tipsStrange and Smart SAT Tips

When it comes to succeeding on the SAT, what is important is that you use the tips and tricks that work for you. To know what works, you have to try different techniques on practice tests. Yes, it may seem rather boring to take practice test after practice test, but that is going to help you succeed.

Here are some rather unique tips that you can try to see if they work for you:

If you don’t know the answer to a question and you need to skip it, put a mark next to it. For those that you think there is no way you can figure them out, place an x next to them. For those that you feel you may be able to go back to, write a question mark next to them. Doing this keeps you from wasting time searching for the ones that you skipped over.

If a problem specifies fractions in the question and the answer, don’t spend precious time converting them to decimals. You should be able to do the problem without a calculator, especially through the process of elimination. You should only convert if you absolutely have to. Remember, the answer and not how you work the problem is what is important here.

Use Mnemonic word play on the vocabulary section of the SAT. When studying, come up with creative sentences containing one or more vocabulary words. The funnier they are, the more likely you are going to remember them.

Bring a set of ear plugs on test day. That way you can bear the cougher, the sneezer, and the sniffling student on test day. Those three things can be so annoying that they can lower test scores because the test taker can’t wait to get away or can’t stop thinking about those distractions.

Perhaps you can think of some things on your own that will help you get a better score. The only way to find out is to practice, practice, and practice some more.

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