SAT Vocabulary Words to Remember

When preparing for the SAT, you have a lot to consider. Yes, vocabulary is just one part of the puzzle, but it’s an important part. Plus, expanding your word knowledge can help you do well on other parts of the SAT and in college. So here are a few¬†SAT vocabulary words to get you started…

sat vocabulary
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Common SAT Vocabulary Words

Here are a few words that appear on the SAT with regularity:

  • Abstinence: the act of refraining from doing something.
  • Adversity: Difficulties.
  • Aesthetic: Regarding the appreciation of beauty.
  • Anachronistic: Chronological inconsistency.
  • Benevolent: Well-meaning.
  • Clairvoyant: Having the ability to perceive future events.
  • Congregation: A gathering.
  • Divergent: tending to develop in different directions.
  • Ephemeral: Fleeting.
  • Florid: Excessively complicated.
  • Impetuous: Acting without care.
  • Lobbyist: Someone whose role is to professionally persuade legislators.
  • Nonchalant: Appearing calm or relaxed.
  • Ostentatious: Designed to impress or attract attention.
  • Precocious: A child who has developed abilities beyond her years.
  • Querulous: Taken to complaining or whining.
  • Scrutinize: To inspect closely.
  • Tactful: Displaying tact.
  • Venerable: Afforded respect due to age or wisdom.

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