SAT Tips to Help You Concentrate on Test Day

There will be a number of distractions on test day. You’re going to have the sneezer, the cougher, the sniffling student who wipes their nose on their sleeve, the loud breather, the teeth grinder, the grunter, and the lip smacker. All of these noises together can be very distracting.

sat concentration

In fact, the background noise is something that has topped the list of SAT woes for quite some time. In fact, one test prep company did a study on what students complain about the most and runny noses, coughing, and other noises that other test takers make got a lot of groans among students. This has resulted in students having to add one more thing to their test prep routine and that is working toward tuning out the distractions.

Tune into Your Thoughts

To be successful on the SAT, tuning out the distractions will have to be a part of your routine, so here are some tips to help you do that, as well as some things you can do prior to test time to minimize the effect distractions have on your score:

  • Go to the bathroom before test time – You get 15 minute opportunities to go to the bathroom during the test, but there will be a lot of students waiting in line. This means you will need to watch your fluid intake, especially your caffeine consumption. This doesn’t mean you need to dehydrate yourself because not enough fluids can hurt your score. Be mindful of what you drink and hit the bathroom before the test.
  • Cotton in the ears – Some students say this work because it allows them to tune out some distractions, but they can still hear the time-limit announcements by the proctor. Some students opt for ear plugs, but you must watch your watch.
  • Train yourself – Try studying in noisy environments. Go to a restaurant, a park, or somewhere where there is a lot of activity so you can train yourself to withstand the noise.
  • Don’t take noisy devices – Turn the cell phone off, don’t wear a watch that beeps, and don’t have any other noisy devices on you that can pull your attention away from the exam. Even if you put your phone or other device on vibrate, it can be a distraction that creates anxiety.

While these tips may seem like common sense, it can be easy to forget during the hustle and bustle of test prep.

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