SAT Study Time: Setting Priorities

In order to succeed on the SAT, you need to set some priorities. Of course, you need to prioritize studying but we’re not speaking so generally. Rather, we’re referring to prioritizing within your SAT study time to make the most of each study session and to maximize their impact.

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Your SAT Study Priorities

When you approach preparing for the SAT, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There is so much to cover and time is limited. You definitely don’t want to cram for the exam. That just won’t work. But you also can’t take your sweet time, either. So, to find a balance, you need to pick a schedule, stick to it, and be willing to change things up if they’re not working for you.

Priority #1: Know Your Stuff

If you have any weak spots in terms of the material that will appear on the SAT, you should tackle expanding your knowledge first. No amount of testing strategy will help you know more answers.

Priority #2: Expand Your Vocabulary 

Is it the most exciting thing in the world? No. Of course not. But expanding your vocabulary will help you on more sections of the SAT than just the multiple choice and fill in the blank. It will help you on your essay, too. An expanded vocabulary gives you an edge on college preparation. You’ll understand what you read in greater clarity and you’ll be able to express yourself more accurately. Double win!

Priority #3: Mind How You Feel 

Though not technically an SAT study tip, making sure you remain in good health will drastically improve your performance come test day. How can you do this? Eat well, go to bed at a reasonable time, and try to get some exercise on a regular basis. You’ll feel better   and have more energy on test day. More energy=improved brain function. See what we’re getting at, here?

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