Math, Writing, & Reading 20-Hour SAT Prep Course

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20-Hour Interactive SAT Prep Course on 6 DVDs and 3 Books
This set contains the entire content of the 9 DVD & 3 book library set which normally sells for $360!
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A critically-praised, low cost alternative to the often unaffordable tutoring industry. This unique learning system covers all aspects of the SAT Math, Writing, & Critical Reading sections in 3 books & 6 DVDs, combining visual content with detailed explanation, practice drills, and answer clarifications. Amy Lucas, Summa Cum Laude graduate of UCLA with over 12 years experience as a private tutor, is writer and host. The Math course is a School Library Journal Top Ten DVD Pick. The Starred Review stated ‘Library collections serving high school students as well as homeschoolers seeking instruction, practice, and basic standardized test-taking tips for the Math SAT will find this series an essential purchase.’ The Library Journal review stated, ‘In stark contrast to the teacher in front of a chalk board…the presentation is personal, conversational, relaxed, and effective. Verdict: highly recommended for students taking the SATs.’