Odd SAT Tips That Work

When preparing for the SAT, you see all kinds of tips and tricks that tell you how to succeed. Some of them may even guarantee a better score. While tips and tricks do work, the same tips are not going to work for everyone. They are called “tips” for a reason and that is why there are some that seem rather strange, yet they are considered quite useful when they are thoroughly evaluated.

Odd SAT tips

Weird SAT Tips

You may have your own methods to memorize something that may seem “different.” For instance, you might like to make a song out of vocabulary words so you remember them. If you do, then that is exactly what you need to do. If someone thinks it’s weird, go ahead and let them think so because it is you who will score better on the SAT. So here are some other “odd” tips that will help you succeed:

Before you begin, simply sit there and close your eyes. Don’t worry about anyone seeing you. This will help you focus on your breathing. Consider it a mini meditation session. The calmer your nerves are, the better you are going to feel as you go into the test.

Make a “rhythm” out of math concepts. You can make a rap or a rhyme that you will remember so that you will always know how to solve that particular problem.

During the short breaks, go outside and take a deep breath. While this may not see odd, it does involve little social interaction. Limiting social interaction may keep you focused. However, some find that social interaction helps them rest their mind for a moment before heading back into the test.

Don’t make any telephone calls or surf the Internet on your phone during the breaks. Doing so could be a major distraction, especially if you get bad news or someone upsets you during that time. While some people will be posting statuses on social media, it is best if you keep your head in the game by not interacting with the outside world until it is over. Some may think you’re weird for not “breathing” through technology, but less distraction is better.

You may have your own ritual before or during a test that helps you succeed. If you do, go ahead and use it on the SAT. While the test is a major exam and it is long, some of your traditional test taking methods will keep you in your comfort zone and reduce test anxiety.

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