Improve Your SAT Scores in 7 Steps

The SAT is a test that is designed to measure how academically ready you are for college. This is why there are colleges that are so interested in how you do on the SAT. They look at this score, your high school GPA, and any other factors that are important to their admissions process.

improve sat scores

In order to do well on the test, there are some techniques that you can use. Sometimes it isn’t about always knowing the answer, but using strategy that will help you figure it out so you can get the right answer.

7 Steps to Success

First of all, don’t be too nervous. You will need to relax in order to do well. You will also have to try and tune out all distractions and use all of the tools available to you to do your best. Here are the 7 steps to help you succeed:

Set a realistic goal – Set a goal for yourself. It needs to be challenging, but it also needs to be realistic. If you have taken the SAT before, you have set a baseline score. Now you need to set your goal to be a little above the baseline score. If you haven’t taken it yet, take practice tests to establish your baseline score.

Practice – You need to practice a lot and this means all sections of the test. If you are good at writing, that is great. However, you still need to practice so you have the SAT method down.

Plan the number of questions to answer – You should determine the number of questions that you need to answer. You can set a high goal, but it needs to be a realistic one. Don’t try to answer too many questions because that can increase the chance of getting more wrong.

Pace yourself – Move quickly, but be careful. Skip questions 16-20 unless you have at least 5 minutes after answering everything else. You can also look at the last questions and choose two that work for you.

Process of elimination – This is where strategy comes in. You need to know how to guess so you can find the right answer. If you can’t find it, skip it.

Keep track of time – Bring a watch, even if the room has a clock. If you use the room clock, you will spend too much time looking up and calculating time.

Answer the easy ones first – The easy questions are worth the same number of points as the hard ones, so answer the easy ones first.

Some further tips include knowing Latin roots because they will help you with the vocabulary, using your test booklet as scratch paper, and not changing answers at the last minute unless you know for sure that you made a mistake.

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