College Admissions Process: Step by Step

The college admissions process can be quite elaborate. And obviously you want to do it right so your application is considered appropriately and carries its full weight. But many students attempt to go through this alone. Parents can help but the process has likely changed a bit since they were in college. Bearing this in mind, here is a bit of guidance to get you started.

college admissions
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College Admissions Guidelines

The application process typically involves sending in an application to a four-year college or university. While you may also consider applying to community colleges, we’re going to focus on the four-year institutions as that’s what pertains to those preparing for the SAT.

Many universities use the common application, which allows you to use the same form type to apply to a great number of schools. That being said, you need to send in an application to each school for which you’d like to be considered and pay the appropriate admissions applications fee. The fee may be waived depending on financial need on a case by case basis. Also, each college has its own college admissions requirements. That is to say, though you’re submitting the same form to each school, each may have different standards by which they select students.

When applying, you often don’t have to select a major unless you’re considering a specialized program. These programs can change and have admissions limitations. A few examples include engineering, graphic design, and architecture. If you intend to major in one of these areas, your acceptance to an institution will be based on your qualifications and the available number of spots left in that major.

When filling out each application, take your time! Read each question carefully. Check and double check your info. Proofread! Answer thoughtfully. And make sure you’ve met all of the application criteria. Typically, you’ll need your: GPA, courses completed, clean school record, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, a college admissions essay, legacy information, and other information as dictated by the individual institution.

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