College Admissions Application Questions Get Crazy

College admissions essays have been known to be a bit strange. The prompts are often quite esoteric. They might feel a bit random. Even so, it’s come to my attention that the essay questions are getting even more “out there” as the years go by.

College Admissions Questions - Where's Waldo?

I just read a story about crazy college application questions and boy howdy, there weren’t kidding! #YOLO prompts? Giant mustard bottles? Hypothetical autobiographies? Where’s Waldo?

Are admissions officers at colleges just getting bored or are they sincerely trying to expand the writing prowess of potential applicants? I think it means they’re looking for creativity. The standard, “This moment changed my life,” and “This person inspires me,” essays apparently aren’t going to cut it anymore. Colleges are upping their game and high school students need to follow suit.

So, along with your SAT prep, consider this your college essay head’s up: be prepared for the unusual!

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