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SAT Vocabulary Words to Remember

The vocabulary portion of the SAT’s reading section is only a small part of the test, but it seems to be one that receives a lot of attention. The reason for this attention is because there is no middle ground on vocabulary words – you either know them or you don’t. It is because of this fact that you have most likely been going over hundreds of vocab words every night for quite some time, but there will be that stray word that completely eludes you.

sat vocabulary words
The Somnambulist by Millais

It is important to know that the word most likely to escape your memory will be at the top of the list on the SAT. When a student becomes flustered at the beginning of the test section, it can influence the performance on the remainder of that section. This is why it is important to know what SAT vocabulary words trip up people the most.

Common SAT Vocab “Trip Ups”

The following are vocabulary words that tend to be hard to remember for the SAT:

  • Dogmatic – Insisting to one’s point of view, dictatorial
  • Aural – Hearing related
  • Erinaceous – Pertaining to or of the hedgehog family
  • Somnambulist – A sleepwalker
  • Acerbic – Bitter or acidic
  • Mendacity – Untruthful
  • Assiduous – Hard working
  • Abrogate – Revoke formally
  • Antipathy – Strong dislike
  • Ascetic – Self-discipline or practicing restraint
  • Buffet – To strike with force
  • Cupidity – Strong desire or greed
  • Deleterious – harmful
  • Timorous – Fearful or timid
  • Vacillate – Hesitate or fluctuate
  • Unctuous – Smooth or greasy in appearance, texture, or manner

There are some words that you may wonder why they are on the test because they are so simple. There are others that are on the test that are so difficult that you question their usage in your everyday life. It is these difficult words in which you can place your focus in order to relieve some of your test anxiety. It is also helpful to study the origins of some of the most difficult words so that you can take a healthy guess if you cannot remember the meaning.

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SAT Vocabulary Words to Remember

When preparing for the SAT, you have a lot to consider. Yes, vocabulary is just one part of the puzzle, but it’s an important part. Plus, expanding your word knowledge can help you do well on other parts of the SAT and in college. So here are a few SAT vocabulary words to get you started…

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SAT Vocabulary: Make It Your Focus

You have to study a lot of different areas to prepare yourself for the SAT. However, a lot of emphasis is placed on SAT vocabulary and with good reason: it makes up a significant portion of the test. While learning new words shouldn’t the entirety of your SAT prep focus, it needs to be a major part of it.

SAT Vocabulary Example
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