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Understanding the SAT Before Test Day

There is a man who has taken the SAT 25 times over the past year. The reason? He looks for trends, analyzes questions, reverse engineers the problems, and simply tries to find out what makes the SAT tick.

understanding the SAT
Okay, so he’s probably not studying for the SAT…

For most, taking the test that many times would be a nightmare. For this gentleman, it is his job because he does research and development for test prep. He admits he was not always the best student in regards to organization and long-term planning, but now this is what he encourages students to do because that is exactly what is needed to ace the SAT. Now this man’s career rests in teaching students how they can beat the test.

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5 SAT Study Strategies to Push You Toward That 2400

The student who diligently prepares for the SAT is the student who dreams of getting that perfect 2400. There are a few students that have achieved that feat, but they did and they did it by studying hard and utilizing strategies that worked.

sat study strategies

Although a great deal of knowledge is acquired from studying hard, a strategic approach to every second of the SAT can pay off a great deal. It is the student of every college-bound student to get the best score possible so they can go to the college that they want to go to.

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Using Self-Awareness to Succeed on the SAT

Some of the most successful SAT takers say that self-awareness contributed to their success on what is considered one of the most difficult tests a young person can take. The SAT is not just about answering questions; it is about using strategy and common sense. When using self-awareness techniques, you can identify habits that don’t work, as well as those that do so you can get the highest possible score on the test.

Succeed on the SAT

With that said, it is through practice that you will learn what your habits are. You will learn about your tendencies, what it takes to grasp vocabulary words, and why you make certain mistakes. It makes sense to practice to the point you don’t make avoidable mistakes, but identifying why you make them will make your avoidance much more successful.

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SAT Tactics to Use on Test Day

You take the SAT with the goal of getting the highest score so you can use that score to get into the college you want to get into. Up until this point, you have most likely learned the section directions so you can save time and dedicate more of that time toward answering questions. You may also know that it is important to answer the easy questions first so you know how much time you have to answer the difficult questions. You may even have a guessing strategy.

sat tacticsSome other test tactics that you can use include:

  • Doing your scratch work on the test book
  • Knowing that the easy questions usually come before the hard ones
  • Skipping the ones you absolutely do not know or cannot effectively guess on
  • Bringing a watch with you since each section is timed
  • Knowing that there are 19 sentence completion, 35 math problems, 40 reading comprehension questions, and 10-student produced responses
  • Not changing an answer unless you are certain you made a mistake

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SAT Tips to Relieve Anxiety on Test Day

Taking the SAT is one of the most stressful things that a student can do. This is why most students study until it becomes physically painful. However, getting the desired SAT score requires much more than studying until you don’t think you can study anymore. The preparation also continues on test day and prepping the right way will keep your stress level down.

sat tips for anxietyAs a matter of fact, reducing the chaos before you sit down to take the test will allow you to be better prepared for one of the most important tests in your life. If everything is confusing and chaotic before you enter the room, you are going to continue feeling anxious and unorganized throughout the test.

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Tips to Successful SAT Sentence Completion

sat sentence completionSentence completion is a very important part of the SAT and it can be a confusing one. You may look at the five possible answers and wonder which words you are going to fill in the blanks with.

SAT Sentence Completion Tips

When you first look at the sentence, it can look intimidating. The sentence may have two blanks and the possible answers don’t make it any less frustrating. There are two words in each answer and you have to choose the right pair. Unfortunately, this does not mean that getting one word right is going to result in the other one being right. The first word in one set may be acceptable when the second isn’t and the second word in another answer set can be acceptable when the first word isn’t. This requires you to take both words into consideration rather than just one to get the right answer.

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When Guessing On The SAT Is Your Best Option

guessing on the satIt can be a difficult thing to admit, but it is impossible to know every answer on the SAT. If anyone knew every answer, there’s a good chance that their brain would become the subject of a scientific study someday.

While getting every answer correct would be quite the feat, what matters is racking up as many raw points as you can. You have probably heard teachers or other students say that it is best to leave an answer blank on the SAT than take a guess and get it wrong. They say this because the following are true:

  • One point is added for each correct answer
  • ¼ point is subtracted for each incorrect answers
  • No points or subtracted when an answer is left blank

Leaving an answer blank can be a difficult decision to make because getting it right means getting a point. You may ask yourself, “What if I get it right?” If you get it right, you will increase your score. If you get it wrong, you lose ¼ of a point.

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SAT Study Time: Setting Priorities

In order to succeed on the SAT, you need to set some priorities. Of course, you need to prioritize studying but we’re not speaking so generally. Rather, we’re referring to prioritizing within your SAT study time to make the most of each study session and to maximize their impact.

SAT study
Image source: Steven S.

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3 Things You Need to Know About the Critical Reading SAT

When preparing for the SAT, it’s important that you take a well-rounded approach. Yes, you need to do everything in your power to familiarize yourself with the material that will be on the test, but you also need to learn how to take the test. Today, we’re going to focus on the critical reading SAT section and what you can do to perform the best of your ability.

Critical Reading SAT
Image Source: rosmary

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