Breaking These 5 Rules Can Raise Your SAT Scores

If you’re a rule breaker who took the SAT and you are not satisfied with your SAT score, then sit back and relax because you can retake it. Yes, considering retaking the test can seem like a daunting thought since the first time around took hours. The good news is that you now know how the test process works and you have an idea of what to expect from the SAT.

raise your SAT score

As far as breaking the rules, you have probably heard teachers and others tell you that you need to read the directions and answer all of the questions on a test. It is important to understand that the SAT is not just any test. In fact, it is a rule breaker itself and it forces those who earn the highest scores to break the rules right along with it.

Break These Rules and Succeed

The following are five rules that you need to break on the SAT:

  1. You have been reading the directions on standardized tests since you were in the third grade. You know that in order to answer a question, you have to fill in an oval. Don’t worry about reading these directions because your time is precious. Learn the testing directions in your SAT prep books and memorize them so that the only directions you are reading on the SAT are those that are a part of the test itself.
  2. You have always been told that you need to answer every question on a test or it’ll be considered wrong. This is where the SAT breaks the rules. You lose more points on the SAT for an incorrect answer than not answering it at all. In other words, the kid that sleeps during half of the test and doesn’t answer sixteen questions will get a better score then the kid who got 17 questions wrong.
  3. Unlike tests prepared by your teacher where one answer to a question can indicate what the next answer will be, you do not have to go in order on the SAT. Answer the easiest questions first and then spend your remaining time on the difficult ones and deciding which to not answer.
  4. You may be told that your essay has to be five paragraphs long, but it doesn’t have to be. Cut the number of paragraphs down to four and improve your score with the two graders who have already read thousands of essays before getting to yours.
  5. Your teachers have probably told you to use your brain. In this case, use it while you pick the brains of others who have taken the test before. Learn about their experiences and what they feel they messed up on so you can use that information to succeed.

Basically, the SAT is not the typical test and it doesn’t follow the typical testing rules. This is because, while not an official measurement, strategy has a lot to do with getting a higher score. The more you prepare and create strategies that work for you, the better you will do.

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