The Basic Principles of the SAT Reading Test

Reading comprehension is important any time you read something, but how you perform on the reading section of the SAT is going to play a part in determining your future. Your overall SAT score is going to help you with getting into the college you want to study at.

sat reading test

To give you a better idea of how the reading section of the test goes, it is good to review the sections. The first section consists of 8 sentence completions with 16 questions associated with them. This section must be completed in 25 minutes. The second section also takes 25 minutes and consists of 19 reading questions spread out among 5 sentence completions. The third section lasts 20 minutes and there are 13 reading questions spread out among 6 sentence completions. There may be some variations from test-to-test, but this is the basic layout. The passages are mostly non-fiction and cover a wide range of topics. Most passages express a point of view in a discussion, so there is no need for interpretation. Instead, the main job is to follow the author’s explanation or argument and then answer the questions based on the implications or content of the passage.

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Admission Counselors Say “SAT Scores Do Matter”

There are certain numbers that are music to the ears of admissions committees, such as “4.0” GPA and “800.” But how much do these numbers really impress admissions committees? Well, they share weight with a witty essay that shows the committee who you are and how you think. The role the SAT score plays tells them that you test well. Of course a college wants students that test well because their own reputations are at stake.

sat scores

In addition to the SAT score, college admission committees look for authenticity, creativity, an adventurous spirit, boldness, leadership skills, social responsibility, and passion. There are different elements of the college application process that measure these requirements, but the SAT is going to speak volumes and that is why it is ideal to prepare through studying, evaluating the strategies that others have used, and preparing yourself for test day.

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The Best Piece of SAT Advice You May Ever Receive

When the time to take the SAT is getting near, all you want is that one piece of advice that will make it easier for you. You want the highest score because you need it to get into the college you want to get into. While you are afforded multiple opportunities to take the SAT, sitting there under stress for hours is probably not in the agenda.

best sat advice

So what is the best piece of SAT advice that you may ever receive? You may be surprised to know that it is to relax. You can’t expect to walk into that room with a thousand tons of stress on your shoulders and expect to get the score you want. However, you can’t expect to relax unless you take certain measures first.

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Breaking These 5 Rules Can Raise Your SAT Scores

If you’re a rule breaker who took the SAT and you are not satisfied with your SAT score, then sit back and relax because you can retake it. Yes, considering retaking the test can seem like a daunting thought since the first time around took hours. The good news is that you now know how the test process works and you have an idea of what to expect from the SAT.

raise your SAT score

As far as breaking the rules, you have probably heard teachers and others tell you that you need to read the directions and answer all of the questions on a test. It is important to understand that the SAT is not just any test. In fact, it is a rule breaker itself and it forces those who earn the highest scores to break the rules right along with it.

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Tackling Rare SAT Combinations and Permutations

Combinations and permutations are not common on the SAT. They normally appear on the last page of the math section and are almost always presented as a word problem. If you want to achieve a score over 700 on the math section of the SAT, you will need to practice these, as they involve choosing for a group (combination) or arranging a group (permutation).

sat permutations

While arranging a group (permutations) can seem rather simple, arranging the order of things can actually be somewhat difficult. In fact, students frequently overlook the aspect of permutation and combination. For instance, “repetition” means the same choice can be used twice or even more and students may not realize this. Here is an example of a permutation question with repetition:

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Understanding the SAT Before Test Day

There is a man who has taken the SAT 25 times over the past year. The reason? He looks for trends, analyzes questions, reverse engineers the problems, and simply tries to find out what makes the SAT tick.

understanding the SAT
Okay, so he’s probably not studying for the SAT…

For most, taking the test that many times would be a nightmare. For this gentleman, it is his job because he does research and development for test prep. He admits he was not always the best student in regards to organization and long-term planning, but now this is what he encourages students to do because that is exactly what is needed to ace the SAT. Now this man’s career rests in teaching students how they can beat the test.

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SAT Math Tip: Practice the Most-Tested Concepts

You may not be a math genius (or maybe you are), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your SAT math score by spending a great deal of your study time on the concepts that are tested the most. One thing you can count on is that the SAT isn’t like the ACT in that you don’t have to worry about trigonometry. That is a bonus for a majority of students. What you do have to know is some basic algebra and geometry.

sat math tip

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5 Pointers for Perfecting SAT Essays

sat essay prep

Many students preparing for the SAT dread the essay portion of the test. However, the essay is worth 25 percent of the total writing score. If you can prove your writing skills on the SAT essay and your college applications, you will be well-prepared for the undergraduate work that college has in store for you.

When you enter college, you will be doing a lot of writing. While much of it will be typed out via a computer keyboard, there are times where you will have to provide lengthy written answers. This means that the practice you put into writing the SAT essay will benefit you for the long-term.

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5 SAT Study Strategies to Push You Toward That 2400

The student who diligently prepares for the SAT is the student who dreams of getting that perfect 2400. There are a few students that have achieved that feat, but they did and they did it by studying hard and utilizing strategies that worked.

sat study strategies

Although a great deal of knowledge is acquired from studying hard, a strategic approach to every second of the SAT can pay off a great deal. It is the student of every college-bound student to get the best score possible so they can go to the college that they want to go to.

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Using Self-Awareness to Succeed on the SAT

Some of the most successful SAT takers say that self-awareness contributed to their success on what is considered one of the most difficult tests a young person can take. The SAT is not just about answering questions; it is about using strategy and common sense. When using self-awareness techniques, you can identify habits that don’t work, as well as those that do so you can get the highest possible score on the test.

Succeed on the SAT

With that said, it is through practice that you will learn what your habits are. You will learn about your tendencies, what it takes to grasp vocabulary words, and why you make certain mistakes. It makes sense to practice to the point you don’t make avoidable mistakes, but identifying why you make them will make your avoidance much more successful.

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