The Best Piece of SAT Advice You May Ever Receive

When the time to take the SAT is getting near, all you want is that one piece of advice that will make it easier for you. You want the highest score because you need it to get into the college you want to get into. While you are afforded multiple opportunities to take the SAT, sitting there under stress for hours is probably not in the agenda.

best sat advice

So what is the best piece of SAT advice that you may ever receive? You may be surprised to know that it is to relax. You can’t expect to walk into that room with a thousand tons of stress on your shoulders and expect to get the score you want. However, you can’t expect to relax unless you take certain measures first.

Ways to Relax Before the SAT

  • Study well – This one has been driven into your head again and again. Make sure you use SAT prep books and other materials that are designed specifically for the SAT.
  • Take practice tests – Practice tests will help you devise strategies to use during the test. Remember that unanswered questions don’t count against you; you just don’t get the points for them. Wrong answers are going to take points away from you. Practicing before the test is going to make it easier for you to identify the hard questions to avoid.
  • Answer easy questions first – Because each section is timed, you need to answer the easy questions first and then go to the hard ones. Once again, you do not have to answer a question if you cannot make an educated guess.
  • Dress comfortably – Dress comfortably for test day. You are going to be sitting a while, so uncomfortable clothing can be distracting. Uncomfortable clothing can also make you rush.
  • Take plenty of pencils – Nothing brings about anxiety more during a test than broken pencil lead. Having spares pencils with you will help with this.
  • Leave your house in plenty of time – Being pressed for time will cause anxiety that you don’t need.
  • Eat well – Eat a good breakfast before you go so you are not trying to ward off a grumbling stomach during the test and so you have the fuel you need.

While the only person who is truly relaxed during the test is the person who is sleeping, you can relieve just enough of your anxiety to concentrate well. Naturally, you are going to be nervous. However, being so nervous that your pencil is shaking in your hand could be a problem. Do everything you can to avoid that and you should be in business.

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