SAT Subject Tests: Do I Need to Worry About Them?

Getting ready to apply for college means evaluating each institution’s application requirements and seeing to it that you meet each and every one. In general, you won’t need to worry about taking the SAT subject tests. However, there are some universities that require it. Read the admissions info from each college you’re interested in from cover to cover long before you need to submit your application.

SAT Subject Tests
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If The College of Your Choice Requires SAT Subject Tests…

Then your next step is to figure out which tests you need to take specifically. There are 20 different SAT Subject Tests that span the gamut of five general subjects including English, foreign language, history, math, and science. Typically, you should pick the tests that reflects subjects you’re interested in and excel in. If you’re entering college with a major in mind, selecting tests that reflect these areas of study is a good idea.

If You Don’t Know What College You’d Like to Attend…

You’re obviously faced with a more complicated situation. Generally, you aren’t going to need the SAT Subject Tests but if in the off chance a university you apply to does require it, it might be a good idea to take the Subject Tests for topics you’ve studied in school just in case. After all, you won’t be penalized for having taken them when you didn’t need to!

Your best bet is to begin your college research early on so you’re not faced with any last-minute decision making.

Selecting the Right SAT Subject Tests

Timing is everything when it comes to SAT Subject Tests. Since they are topical, make sure you take them as soon as you can after completing a related course. You want all of that information at the front of your brain so studying doesn’t have to be so intensive.

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