About Us

About Our Series

• Complete course covers all aspects of the SAT

• Same approach and result as private tutoring at a fraction of the cost

• Includes numerous practice drills with answer explanations

• DVD format allows learning and review at your own pace

• Unique one-on-one DVD instruction includes innovative animated visuals

• Taught by UCLA alumna with 15 years experience as an SAT Master Tutor

About Private Tutor

Private Tutor was established to create and produce innovative tools to facilitate learning and inspire self-improvement. Our first series is Private Tutor: Your Complete SAT Prep Courses. This critically-praised learning system covers all aspects of the SAT Math, Writing, and Critical Reading sections with 3 books & 6 DVDs that provide comprehensive one-on-one instruction. The visual content, detailed explanations, practice drills and answer clarifications help students achieve the results of private tutoring at a fraction of the cost. The series is written and hosted by Amy Lucas.

About Amy

amyAmy Lucas is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of UCLA and has over 15 years of experience as a private tutor for hundreds of students.  She has variously held the positions of Tutor, Master Tutor, Education Specialist and Academic Manager with many of the test prep industry’s leading companies and brings a combined wealth of knowledge to her Complete SAT Prep Courses with Private Tutor.