6 Steps to Developing a Solid SAT Study Plan

A study plan is a very personal thing because every person learns and studies differently. In order to succeed on the SAT, you will need to devise a plan. This plan will detail everything from what you need to study the hardest to how you manage your time. When you follow your plan the way you intend, you can bring yourself closer to a high SAT score.

sat study plan

Develop Your Study Plan

Of course, you first need to determine what has to be studied. This can be figured out by obtaining SAT practice tests. You get a good idea of what is on the exam so you know what you need to study. After that, you can utilize the following steps to develop your study plan:

After examining the sections of the SAT, determine what you need to study the most. Look at the mathematical concepts and other areas that are covered and place those that you have issues with at the top of your list.

After you have identified in what order you are going to study each section and the concepts within them, think about how you learn best. Your method of learning is going to be the way that you study so you can retain as much as possible.

Now you need to plan out the time you need to study for the exam. You may have other activities that you engage in, such as sports and clubs, so you need to set aside a certain amount of time a few days a week to study. As you get closer to the exam, you will need to start dividing your time between review and relearn material that you may still have difficulty with.

Plan out how much you want to memorize each day. This will help you with your retention of the material.

Take practice tests. If you are not satisfied with your performance on the tests, you may want to repeat the first three steps. Set a goal as to what you want your score to be.

Even when you do well on practice tests, continue to study and learn as much as possible. The harder you work and the more you study, the closer you get to scoring very high on the exam.

While the SAT is about knowledge, it is also about strategy. The strategy that you develop begins the moment you start preparing months beforehand and doesn’t end until you answer the last question.

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