5 SAT Study Strategies to Push You Toward That 2400

The student who diligently prepares for the SAT is the student who dreams of getting that perfect 2400. There are a few students that have achieved that feat, but they did and they did it by studying hard and utilizing strategies that worked.

sat study strategies

Although a great deal of knowledge is acquired from studying hard, a strategic approach to every second of the SAT can pay off a great deal. It is the student of every college-bound student to get the best score possible so they can go to the college that they want to go to.

SAT Study Strategies to Use

The SAT is a combination of studying in order to memorize, creating strategies, and using common sense. It is about having confidence, utilizing processes, and pacing. Here are five SAT study strategies that will help push you toward that perfect score:

  • Simulate test day conditions – Practicing for the SAT will improve your score, but many students do not realize how much of a difference practice can make. Try to simulate test day when you study. Use written practice exams and time yourself. Do not have music playing or your cell phone on. You also want to use only College Board questions.
  • Boost your vocabulary – The least favorite part of the SAT for most students is the vocabulary section because there is a lot of memorization involved. By drilling yourself on vocabulary words, you become more articulate and you expand your everyday vocabulary. You also boost your SAT score.
  • Essays are longer – Prepare yourself to write a longer essay. The longer SAT essays receive higher scores. While it can be difficult to write two pages in 5 minutes, you can come up with scholarly examples to use in the exam.
  • Don’t cram – If you cram too hard, you may forget some things. You can very easily talk yourself out of the right answer if you are digging in your head for that information you crammed into it. Register for the test at least eight weeks ahead of time so you can time your studying. Continue to engage in everyday life and sports practices. Cramming for a test at school and cramming for the SAT are two different things.
  • Take care of yourself – Take your vitamins, eat breakfast, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. If you don’t take care of yourself, your brain will suffer for it.

These are very simple strategies that can send you on your way to a better score. Combine these strategies with others that you have adopted and you are increasing your chances of getting the score you need to get into the college of your choice.

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