10 Tips to Battling SAT Test Anxiety

There is no doubt that when facing a big test like the SAT that you are going to feel a bit of anxiety. While a little is natural, a lot can be detrimental to your score. The good news is that if you get a score you are not happy with, you can retake the test. At the same time, you would much rather get a good score the first time around so you don’t have to sit through it again.

sat test anxiety

Reduce Your Anxiety and Do Well

Here are some tips to help you battle the anxiety during the SAT:

Face your fears – Don’t be afraid to tell someone about the anxiety that you are feeling. Talking will make you feel better about it.

Have a positive attitude – Practice putting yourself into a positive state of mind. Think positive thoughts and acknowledge that you have the ability to do well.

Prepare early – Start studying as soon as you decide to take the SAT. Make sure you choose a test date that will allow you to adequately prepare.

Talk yourself down – Self-soothing techniques are important, so use them. This can be done by putting the test into perspective and breathing deeply and slowly.

Relax – You need to “chill out” and learn how to relax. Find something that you enjoy doing, such as yoga, meditation, or listening to music. If you teach yourself to relax, you will.

Get some exercise – If you can keep yourself in good physical shape, the brain is going to be in good shape. You also need to eat well all of the time and avoid caffeine as much as possible.

Prepare for test day – If the location is one you don’t know, make it a point to check it out. That way you can plan your entire day to ensure it runs smoothly.

Move around during the test – Move your shoulders up and down, circle your neck, and do little exercises to keep the blood flowing and to reduce tension.

Make good use of breaks – You will be given breaks during the test, so stand up and walk around. Loosening up a little, getting fresh air, and having a small snack can help you do well.

Acknowledge your control – Remember that you have control of the situation. If you go into the test with confidence, then you will do better than you would without the necessary confidence.

Anxiety can create a roadblock on test day, so it is important to do everything that you can to reduce it so that you can secure the SAT score that you need.

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